If you’re an active woman over 40 who wants to get permanent weight loss results and

all-day energy without feeling

deprived or overwhelmed...

Let’s make this the LAST year “getting in shape” tops your New Year’s Resolution list


If you’re ready for a change that sticks, join us for The Ultimate 28-day New Year Jumpstart that lays the foundation for your healthiest, happiest, & fittest year yet!

You can do this!


Get the accountability you need to show up on days when you’d rather go through the drive-thru or binge your favorite Netflix series


Enjoy results-focused, to-the-point workouts even the busiest women can squeeze in 3x a week


Nail your nutrition with “I can’t believe these are good for me” recipes, learn sustainable eating habits, and receive no-brainer grocery lists


Plus, receive DAILY inspiration via email and our private online support group so you stay on track!


Only 10 spots available!

Registration closes January 15th,

Or when all 10 spots are filled!

“I am visibly and physically more fit. I appreciate how endlessly patient, encouraging, and non-judgmental Amy is with each participant, offering frequent positive reinforcement.

- Heather H.

"I just finished and feel great! What I liked most was that everything was all natural. No powders, pills or fasting. I took the morning mojo which gave me energy throughout the morning and into the day. I also used the food tracker to write down all my foods which was a powerful experience. I also used the daily checklists and found that they really helped motivate me. I couldn't wait to fill them out at the end of the day and check off as many boxes as I could! I'd highly recommend the program and many thanks to Amy for her daily inspirational emails.

- Chris B.

“Yay! Day one for me on the mountain, weighed in at 132.0 this morning and my size small ski pants are looser than they were at the end of last ski season! This was the feeling in my ski pants I was going for!!!”

- Lynn F.

Want 2023 to be different?

This is your chance to stop starting over.

Even with the best intentions, the first 28 days of any new habit are the toughest. Whether you want to start eating better, drinking more water, hitting the gym, or starting a new yoga practice, the first few weeks feel like a tug-of-war between your new habits and your old ones!

That’s why this year, we're inviting you to a 28-Day New Year Transformation Challenge that gives you a fail-proof, step-by-step plan for getting through the first 28 days of your new healthy habits — complete with accountability & support so you increase your chances of success by a whopping 65%!*


You’d LOVE to look in the mirror 28 days from now and notice inches coming off your hips, tummy, thighs, and arms


The 2023 New Year Transformation Challenge is for you if…


You know it’s time to put yo-yo dieting and extreme quick fixes behind you for good


You’re looking for a sustainable approach to nutrition and fitness that still allows you to have fun and socialize


You know you need accountability and positive reinforcement to keep you going


And you want a FUN, QUICK, and SIMPLE way to create healthier habits that STICK!

- Tricia J

- Sharon M.

- Tina S

“HUGE SUCCESS. Thank you Amy, you are a tremendous inspiration to all of us. There is no turning back for me now, clean eating and physical fitness are now part of who I am.

"I discovered how to change my mindset and rid myself of limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Amy's program taught me to believe in myself. I discovered how to fit in workouts and meal plans that met my lifestyle needs and goals."

“Fusion Fitness & Amy Lewis have changed my life!

I have met and surpassed my weight loss goals! The added strength and flexibility, the all-day energy and the new outfits I'm able to wear are all worth it.

I feel amazing! Thank you for changing my life!"

Why choose me as your coach for this challenge?

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve helped hundreds of active women over 40 get permanent weight loss results and all-day energy without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. Our approach is different because we focus on simple, effective success habits to get you to your goals and beyond.

That means you develop lifelong habits instead of quick fix results that don't last.

So if you want to go further faster? This is your chance to do it right!

When you join The 2023 New Year Transformation Challenge today, you’ll receive:

12 Results-Driven Workouts, You can do Anywhere

We customize your workouts around what works for active women over 40, and take into account YOUR body and YOUR abilities. These are NOT cookie cutter programs that you'll see in the magazine's at the grocery store. We take into account how you move and what you're capable of, and we build YOUR workout plan around YOU to ensure that you get the best results as quickly and safely as possible. All we're asking is that you get in your workouts 3x per week... that's it!

($297 value)

Our Complete 28-Day Nutritional Meal Guide

Yes, this is one of the MAJOR components of this program. We all know it's about the diet (hate that word) but we are going to make sure you follow scientifically proven systems that will still have you eating real food, and plenty of it. In fact we will cover so much nutrition that there is no way we won't find a meal plan or program that works for YOU, YOUR life, and YOUR schedule. Abs are made in the kitchen!

($197 value)

Our 28-Day Recipe Manual + Grocery List

Eating better doesn't have to entail the same “chicken and veggies” meal over and over again. That's why we included some of our FAVORITE recipes you'll absolutely love. You'll have REAL food that won't leave you feeling deprived, and even after the program is over, you'll still want to continue to make these recipes on a daily basis.

($197 value)

Tracking & Accountability

We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because if you're not accountable to someone, only YOU know if you did, or did not workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results. That’s why we have developed a progress tracking system for all of our clients. We will always know what’s working and what’s not. And let's face it, we've all signed up for a program, done it for a few days / weeks, and then — *poof* — we fall right back into our old habits. That’s not the case for this challenge! We'll call, email, and text you if we don't *see* you, so you better be ready for some commitment!

($297 value)

That’s a TON of training, resources, and accountability — all for a fraction of my regular price.

And because we want to reward you for taking fast action TODAY, we’re throwing in a few BONUSES to celebrate your commitment!

All for just a fraction of the cost!


When you join the challenge TODAY, you’re also getting…

BONUS #1: 2023 Success Manual

Don't you ever wish that you had a book to tell you everything you wanted to know about what you're going through, why it happened, and what you can expect to happen over the course of your health and fitness journey?

Well that's EXACTLY what we give you in our New Year Success Manual! It's loaded with pro strategies and tips to help you achieve maximum results in a short period of time.

BONUS #2: Personal Goal Setting

We'll get laser-focused on what YOU want to achieve and why you want it. We'll set specific milestones and focus on the habits that you need to create to get there.

Plus, we'll check in along the way to make sure you're staying on track! Success leaves clues, and we'll be there every step of the way to make sure you're getting great results!

BONUS #3: Daily Motivation

No one ever said this was going to be easy. Even with us at your side coaching you every step of the way there are going to be some days that will test your will power, we all have them.

That’s why we will be there with daily motivation and inspiration to remind you why you started and to not give up. You've got this… and we've got you covered.

BONUS #4: Private Facebook Group

You have Facebook, right? We will add you to a private group just for people doing the program so that you can ask any questions that pop up in your mind and not only get answers from our qualified trainers, but answers from others that are doing the program as well!

This alone will give you ideas that you never thought about and help keep you on your game throughout this program.

…All for FREE!


Your 2023 New Year Transformation

Challenge is even backed by our 100%

Happiness Guarantee

We’re so confident you’re going to achieve and KEEP the results you want from this challenge that if you show up, do the work, track your progress, and don’t see results like hundreds of other clients have…

We’ll give you a full refund. We want this to be an easy YES, because you deserve it!


Amy Lewis

Nothing inspires Amy more than helping women over 40 ditch the diet and finally get lasting results without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

Amy is a certified personal trainer and health, nutrition & lifestyle coach with over 20 years of experience helping active women over 40 get and stay fit no matter what life throws your way.

She's also the author of "The Belly Bloat Solution" and creator of the Strong Beautiful YOU! programs to help women feel ah-mazing in their body, mind & spirit with all-day energy to enjoy it.I specialize in helping women create customized plans that fit their unique needs and lifestyles, and have now helped 500+ women reclaim their health and confidence in the best years of their life, and I can’t wait to help you, too!

“My husband and I both lost 9 pounds each in the first 2 weeks with the simple habits and delicious meals Amy provides. We enjoy all-day energy and now look forward to getting our bodies moving daily."

- Teresa & Patrick

Have questions about the challenge?


How will I get the materials for the 28-Day New Year Challenge?

Once you sign up for the program you will receive contact via email with all of the details on how to get started. Everything is delivered online so you are able to access the content anywhere and print out materials that you want to take with you (like workouts or grocery lists.)


What about my workouts?

Your workout plan will be delivered virtually. Simply access your private client portal to access your workouts.

**Live in or near Killington? Visiting the Killington area? We have a special VIP pass for you available at Killington Bootcamp Wellness Center!


What if I have food sensitivities or need workout modifications?

No problem, together we'll find what works for you so that you get the results you desire and deserve. Simple tweaks go a long way. As long as you are ready, willing, and able to do the work, you WILL get results.


If you have any other questions...

Simply contact me directly at amy@fusionfitnessvt.com or call/text me at 802-353-7536. I am rooting for you and am always here to help!

Ready to start 2023 off right?

Join The 2023 New Year Transformation Challenge Today!